The Dominican Republic

For six years, St. Paul’s has joined with other churches in the Southeast Convocation of the Diocese of Georgia to work in the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican is the Companion Diocese for the Diocese of Georgia. All Dioceses in the United States have Companion Diocese somewhere in the world.

Our group adopted a challenge to help complete a school in a small village in the interior called El Carreton. The school successfully opened three years ago. This year (2017) the government has seen the need for a school and construction is underway down the road for our school. We have applied to become an early childhood learning center as there is no need to duplicate services. We will be able to take the children of young girls in the community so they may finish school and of young ladies so they may work.

While working on the schoool, we discovered that water is an issue on the entire island of Hispaniola. We have worked for years with local Episcopal Churches here in SE Georgia to raise the money to bring in a water purification system and solar panels to generate electricity in the town of Carreton. This project was completed in 2017.

We also worked this year and finished a bakery in a Haitian slum located smack dab in the middle of a sugarcane field. It will give income to the community. There is a school located nearby, and they have agreed to use the bakery for their lunches. So lives will be immediately impacted by the bakery.

Each year, we find projects that will change lives through education or small businesses, but mostly I’d say we are the ones changed.

If you are interested in joining the team, please call Rev. Dee at (912) 223-0023.