I.     The Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America and the Diocese of Georgia are herewith a part of the By-Laws of this parish, and are subject thereto.

II.    The Vestry of the Episcopal Church in Jesup, known as “St. Paul’s”, shall constitute the Board of Directors of the Corporation and here-in-after, any reference to the meeting of the Vestry shall be considered a meeting of the Board of Directors.

III.    The Senior Warden shall preside at all meeting and the Vestry (and/or) of the Congregation. In the event of a vacancy, or in the absence of the Senior Warden, the Junior Warden shall preside.

IV.   The Vestry shall meet on the second Tuesday of each month unless this be changed by appropriate resolution. Special meeting may be called by the Rector or by the Senior Warden. Five members of the Vestry, duly convened, are a quorum for business, provided that either the Rector or Senior Warden be present.

V.   It shall be the duty of the Wardens to see that the Church is kept in good repair and that it be provided with all the necessary equipment to conduct the services of the Church decently and in order.

VI.   The Senior Warden is the assistant to the Rector in making provision for the maintenance of Divine Services. In the absence of the Rector, the Senior Warden shall take the necessary actions to provide for services and the proper conduct of the business of the Church.

VII.  The Junior Warden is charged with the maintenance and order, courtesy, and hospitality on occasions of public worship and shall perform the duties of the Senior Warden in his absence. The Junior Warden is further entrusted with the inventory and upkeep of the building, grounds, and equipment belonging to St. Paul’s.

VIII.   The Treasurer is charged with the duty of receiving and collecting all monies contributed to the Congregation or to the Church and to make such disposition of the funds as directed by the Vestry, as well as other duties which pertain to this office. The Treasurer, with the consent of the Vestry, may elect to delegate any or all of these responsibilities in special or emergency circumstances.

IX.   The minutes of the Vestry shall be kept and carefully preserved by the Secretary who shall perform the customary duties of Secretary, including having the Seal of the Corporation.

X.    These By-Laws may be altered or amended at any regular meeting of the Vestry by a two-thirds vote of said Vestry (Article IV notwithstanding). It shall be the responsibility of the Secretary to note such alterations or amendments on the master copy of the By-Laws in his (sic) custody.

XI.   When possible, the annual meeting of the Congregation is to be held on St. Paul’s Day when it falls on a Sunday; otherwise the nearest Sunday to St. Paul’s Day.

XII.   At each meeting of the Congregation, the Senior Warden and a Junior Warden shall be elected from the Church membership for terms of one year. There is no limitation as to a Warden being re-elected, either as a Warden of (sic) as a member of the Vestry.

XIII.  In addition to the Wardens, the Vestry shall include six members of the Vestry, except that where some person other than a member of the Vestry is elected Secretary or Treasurer as provided in Article XIV, the number of Vestry members is increased to seven or eight, as the case may be.

XIV.  The Vestry, immediately after the Annual Meeting of the Congregation each year or as soon thereafter as is practicable, shall elect — either from its own membership or from the Church membership — a Treasurer and a Secretary. These persons, if not then a member of the Vestry, shall become ex-officio members of the Vestry; entitled to voice but no vote on the Vestry. The term of office of the Treasurer and Secretary shall be one year, or until a successor is elected and qualified.

XV.  As provided in the Canons, in the event of vacancy in the office of the Church Warden, the Vestry shall elect — either from its own membership or from that of the Congregation — someone to fill such an un-expired term. In the event of a vacancy in the office of a Vestry member, the Vestry shall elect from the membership of the church someone to fill the un-expired term.

XVI.   At each Annual Meeting of the Congregation, two (2) persons shall be elected from the membership to serve three year terms on the Vestry. No person shall be elected who served on the Vestry during the past year.

XVII.  The Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Treasurer, and Secretary shall be ex-officio President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary of the Corporation, respectively.

XVIII.   The official seal of the Corporation is as follows: The name of the corporation between concentric circles with the word “Seal” in the center.


This copy of the By-Laws contains alterations and amendments approved by the Vestry as of December 31, 1970.


This copy of the By-Laws contains alterations and amendments approved by the Vestry and the congregation as of January 12, 1992.


This copy of the By-Laws contains alterations and amendments approved by the Vestry and the congregation as of February 10, 2004.