Youth: a part of the present

St. Paul’s has adopted a youth plan that follows the idea that children are NOT the future of the church, but active, current and vital members of the church. Not the future but a part of the present.

As such, youth are invited to participate not only as Acolytes, but also as Readers, Ushers and Choir members. When there are decisions to be made in the church that affect children either directly or indirectly, they are consulted.

In the fall of 2017, Casey Nichols will lead our youth into the future. We are designing an exciting program that seeks to move outside the walls of the church and into the world with our youth. The plan is to take our teachings and putting it to good use. We are to live what we teach.
Call the church office and speak to Mother Dee if you have questions.
(912) 427-3900